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My Delta Skymiles Trip Cancelled - Miles Reinstatement Fee Waived (Case-by-case basis)

As I stated in an earlier topic, my wife and I are age 71; I'm diabetic. Yesterday, we concluded for us we didn't want to risk travel to Ireland. Additionally, my wife, a hospital healthcare employee was told in a Department meeting that it is "inadvisable" (for them) to travel internationally at this time.

The wait time to speak to a human on Delta yesterday was >4 hours. I would suggest calling early in the morning and have them call you back when it's your turn. Or, you can wait on hold with the phone on your ear for several hours.

They tried to charge me $150 pp fee to reinstate my 120k Skymiles. The Rep checked with her Supervisor who agreed to enforce the fee. Then I forcefully explained our circumstances, and she herself cancelled, wived the fee, and stated that in about 7 business days my 120 k miles will re-appear together with the taxes, and other fees.

I suggest that when you talk to Delta, don't be a "shrinking violet" about it.

Other stuff:
1) Your Travel Insurance - I always use Arch Roamright (3x already great pre-existing conditions exclusion waiver). They said they gave me a fullPremium Credit toward future travel. I didn't get an e-mail confirmation of this yet.
2) Do Dublin Freedom plan (pre-paid hop off bus and public transportation Leap vouchers), I called Dublin Airport office. They said the vouchers are good even a year from now, "just e-mail them before you re-book.
2) B&Bs Booked on B and B Lost about 20 Euros non-refundable deposits. On -totally free cancellations.

So I took a hit of about $50 Euros with this cancellation.

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Thank you for the Delta Skymiles info. We used skymiles to pay for our April 30 trip as well. Although we are still thinking about what is best for us- should we go or not- I am thinking about the Delta ordeal we may have to go through if we do cancel.

After you were told you had to pay the $150 pp by both the rep and their supervisor, how did you get the fee to eventually be waived? In case we do cancel, this info would be helpful.

Sorry you are missing your trip but just think ahead to when you can go. Sometimes just thinking about an upcoming trip is half the fun!