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March Madness- Ireland and Coronavirus

Would you go? We have a trip planned next week over St. Pat's week to Dublin, Cork and Kinsale. Leaving March 11 and returning March 20. Getting seriously concerned about possibility of being quarantined either in Ireland or back home upon return. Work is also monitoring personal travel and may not allow employees back to work irregardless for two weeks following any Euro travel

Does anyone know if Aer Lingus will not charge change fee if trip postponed? Trip leaves March 11. Would we need to select new travel dates right away? allows cancellation up to a few days prior.

If we go and for some reason end up quarantined while in Ireland, assuming no significant health concerns, would we be be able to be quarantined at a hotel? What should we expect for health care. We bought travel insurance but that has $25k med limit. We also have private US health coverage.

Would you go?

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I can’t help with the re-booking fee question but I would absolutely go. I had to visit a health clinic last spring in a teeny tiny coastal town, somewhere around Keel, possibly, for an infection and it was an extremely efficient, caring, and effective clinic. I was in and out in less than 45 minutes after seeing the dr, with meds in hand. I wouldn’t hesitate to use their health care at all. Oh, and it cost me €40 and they didn’t even bill my insurance.

And Ireland is glorious.

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You are asking unanswerable questions about quarantine costs, etc. Nobody knows.

I would say this: if you go, and the worst happens (illness strikes and/or forced quarantine), IMO you should be prepared to pay for all costs and not assume that any travel insurance covers you.

You have the added burden of being forced by an employer to stay at home upon return - I am retired and have no such concern. If forced to stay home, will you be paid? Will you be forced to use sick leave or personal time? Seems like you should know this, your employer should be explicit in the policy. If not, another layer of risk for you to consider.

I am not suggesting I know or even believe that the "worst" will happen. I know what I would do with any international travel planned in March - I would cancel or delay the trip to later in the year, taking advantage of airline offers. But that is me, can't tell you what you should do.

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I would go with the current virus situation, but your work complications wouldn’t apply to me and do make a difference.

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No one knows anything about quarantine here, it's not a zombie apocalypse just yet, there are only three confirmed cases on the island. I don't see how anyone could legally be kept in isolation against their will, unless they're sick enough to be in hospital and unable to move much anyway . Keep your hands clean, avoid touching your face and enjoy your stay!

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Go! Can you determine if your company will disallow coming back, as opposed to may?

And if you’re not sick but still prevented from coming to work, is that unpaid time, or charged as more “vacation?”

And when, if ever, would they let you go back to work?

Any difference (now, which could be a different policy in 2 weeks) that you’re going to Ireland, and not China, Iran, etc.?

There are people who didn’t travel anywhere, and still died. Good thing they didn’t work where you work. If this is your big chance to travel, and it won’t cost you more than you can afford (time and work complications), this is the time to go. We’ll be in London the same time you’re in Ireland, and are looking forward to it!

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I just asked this same question. As the RS Moderator said. Nobody should be answering or suggesting health-related stuff. We-'re traveling in May, free Delta Air (Skymiles). We booked everything almost a year ago. We're 71. I am diabetic. We have the usual age-related stuff, no other major health issues. Yet, we don';'t know what May will bring. We have excellent Travel Insurance with pre-existing condition exclusion waiver and even Car Rental CDW coverage. As of today, it will cost us $150pp to cancel airfare AND get our 120k miles re-instated (may be waived though). All hotels and Band Bs have within 48 hours free cancellations. For our pre-paid specific date/time tickets for Titanic Quest Belfast, I was able to circumvent their no cancellation/credit policy by complaining on their FB page. I have an e-mail that we can go any date we want now. The only expense we eat is the Travel insurance and Dublin Freedom hop on bus and public transportation card. And, I'm working on that one. Everyone's decision to cancel is unique and CANNOT BE ADDRESSED BY OTHERS HERE. Personally, as I have until 2 days before we leave, I'm not taking any steps right now. Maybe in some Bizarro-world alternate parallel dimension where Trump said it will all be right and the whole thing will disappear when it gets warm we'll all be okey dokey. Everybody must figure out their own unique situation together with the experts and personal physician, employer, etc. (not the Truump Regime) and definitely don''t ask some 23 year old here.