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Lounges in Dublin Airport

Looking at the information for the Dublin Airport there seems to be a lounge in Terminal 2 (where we will be departing from). If we opted for the CBP pre-clearance there appears to be a separate one known as "The 51st&Green Lounge". This is also what is listed on the American Airlines website for their lounge. Are they the same? The pre-clearance one sounds maybe nicer and that works well for us it seems but we will be there for a a number of hours so want to explore my options (pre-clearance seems like a nice to have, we have Global Entry and it usually goes pretty fast in the US).

I know it isn't summer yet with more travel - but what are people's experience in time and ease of the pre-clearance? Just like going through TSA/Global Entry in the US but perhaps with nicer accents?


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If you're flying to the states from Dublin you will go through pre-clearance, there is no other option. Yes, the experience is similar to going through passport control in the states, though you do it before getting on the plane. You do want to leave plenty of time for it, and not head there just before normal boarding time. But the accents are American. The officers there are from the US, on a foreign posting.

51st and Green is the only lounge after pre-clearance. US airlines send and Aer Lingus (for flights to the US) all send their business class passengers there. It's far from the best airport lounge I've known, but the US departure area at Dublin is dark, crowded, and lacks services/amenities, making the lounge shine in comparison. Given that it's prudent to leave time for the pre-clearance, killing time in the departure hall is a drag. I've paid for the lounge when I'm flying economy and don't otherwise have access. (If I recall correctly, pre-booking it was cheaper than the walk-up price.)