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Long string of single night stays.

I'm just planning a May(?) 2023 return to Ireland to "pick up" as many of the places we've never been to over three previous visits. We've never been to Dingle or Belfast specifically, but all of the northwest in general. We have been to Aran Islands, Skellig Michael, Southeast,, Shannon)

I'm a repeat offender of planning trips with lots of one night stays, but for covering the ground from Cliftden to Belfast, the idea of "home base" makes even less sense than I'll sometimes admit. We travel very light (one carryon each) so unpacking/packing isn't even a small deal. Our idea of fun is viewpoints, hiking, Neolithic sites, old castles, and pubs with trad.

Specifically, after a reasonable beginning:

Dublin x3 (jetlag, two full days of things we haven't done)
Dingle x2 (never been, peninsula loop)
Doolin x2 (enjoyed it 25 years ago, maybe Cliffs from the water)
Galway x2 (always enjoy it)

Things then take a dark turn:
Leaving Galway
Ross Erilly, Kilbannon, Fakeraugh, Cliftden Castle
Cliftden x1
Connemara NP, Kylemore,
Westport x1
Belbulban, Fairy Bridges, Denegal Castle
Donegal x1
Slieve League, Glengesh, Assaranca, Kilclooney, Ray Church
Dunfanaghy x1
Glenveagh NP
Ballycastle x1
Rope Bridge, Dunserevick, Giant's Causeway, Dunluce, Dark Hedges
Belfast x3
Dublin last night

This agenda involves pretty relaxed daily drives with lots of hiking time. I had included Cardonaugh but decided Malin Head wasn't worth the entire day and it was too much to add without a stopover.

Flying or train from Dublin to Kerry makes sense until you look at rental car prices. Still a possibility. It's not drop off fees - it's the lack of competition from SixT inflating prices.

Anyway, I'm unusually open to deleting towns/extending stays if it doesn't create lots more driving. My wife would possibly appreciate it. Skipping Giant's Causeway (as it's a tourist zoo) would be fine.

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I thoroughly enjoy moving at that pace, so I wouldn’t change anything if it’s what you really want to see - “To thine own self be true” applies to travel!

I’m on the extreme end of being organized, so anything you can do to help facilitate quick “set up” & “leaving” will be helpful. I have a toiletry kit with a hanger, so it’s open & already organized. Power cords & adapters are stored in a bright color mesh zipper envelope and the last thing back in the suitcase. Minimal clothes means you’re touching less items to get to what you need (& faster decisions of what to wear). Everything has a specific place where it belongs in the suitcase and everything except the toiletry kit and mesh envelope stays inside the suitcase in the exact same spot, returning the nightgown on top in the morning.

I can literally be out the door of a hotel, looking nicely dressed, in 5-10 minutes including paying the bill, after finishing a shower & makeup. (I have my hair specifically trimmed, so I don’t even need to dry it!)

It’s always fun to experience a new place in the evenings! Have a great time!

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Thanks for siding with my view of travel. I'm afraid you're nowhere as organized as me - I already have a spreadsheet for this 2023 trip that specifies the time to fifteen minute intervals :-) I used similar planning in Ireland in 2019 and we finished a three week trip with only one blown timeslot (because someone put diesel in our gas car). That actually fouled up the remainder of that afternoon.

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Wow! LOL! A completely different planning method! I’m organized for packing & efficiency (retired, but used to lead process efficiency for engineering projects). For actual activity time, I try to stay as flexible as possible. A true vacation for me is not wearing a watch - just enjoying the day.