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London-Dublin-USA Layover in Dublin


I'm booking flights from London to the USA via Dublin (separate Flight itineraries) with an hour and a half layover in Dublin before heading to Chicago. Will I have to go through customs/immigration in Dublin and will an hour and a half be enough time to do it?

Will I have to pick up baggage and go through security a second time?

Not a frequent international traveler so Not quite sure how this will work.

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Which airline(s) is the obvious question.

There are a number of points:

  1. Some airlines/alliances allow you to through-check bags on separate tickets. Others do not.
  2. Dublin Airport is not that well set up for air-side connections. You will need to go through immigration, but depending on the airline(s) (ie which gates you arrive and depart from) you may be able to use a separate line from those entering the Republic of Ireland.
  3. Most if not all flights to the USA do pre-clearance of USA immigration & customs in Dublin. You need to allow time for this. Note that you do not need to reclaim your bags for this but you will need to identify it from pictures. It will almost certainly also mean 2 security screenings.

You will see that landside that Dublin Airport has 2 terminals, however airside these are connected.

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If you're buying two tickets - London-Dublin and Dublin-USA, instead of one ticket London-USA via Dublin, you need to be aware that if something happens and your flight to Dublin is delayed/cancelled and you miss the flight to the USA, you will probably have to buy a new ticket to the USA.