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Is Limerick SAFE?

Is this a safe town for two (72 yrs old) women to visit (genealogy)?

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Sorry, I don't get it. Why wouldn't it be?

I've never been to Limerick, granted, but it is Ireland not Iraq.

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The only really unsafe placed in Europe is the Donetsk area. :-)

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What is your fear? Is this you first trip to Ireland? What have you heard about Limerick?

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Interesting question. As FDR said: 'only thing we have to fear is fear itself".
Travelers should exercise sound personal safety practices to minimize their chance of becoming a victim of petty street crime. Travelers should be aware of their surroundings and avoid unlighted, non-tourist areas.

I've been to big east coast American cities where hotels warned us not to go out at night. But do we want to be prisoners of our minds?

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The UK government considers the terrorism risk in Ireland to be less than in the USA. The crime section is:

Most visitors to Ireland experience no difficulties during their stay. Take sensible precautions to protect yourself from bag snatching and pick pocketing. Try to avoid carrying valuables and large sums of money. Make sure your vehicle is properly secured, and where possible park in secure parking areas. Most incidents occur in the Dublin area. If you need to contact the emergency services call 112.

The Irish Tourist Assistance Service (ITAS) offers free support and practical help to victims of crime. This includes liaison with travel companies and financial institutions and, in emergency situations, arranging accommodation, meals and transport. ITAS recommends that you report any incident in person to the nearest Garda (Police) Station who will then contact the organisation.

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I affirm the above notes.... I have lived/traveled in US cities......I'd say limerick is quieter/safer than st Louis, Kansas city, etc......if you take above precautions about keeping track of your purse

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I studied abroad for a semester in Limerick in spring 2013. Definitely safe. During our orientation, they warned us of Limerick being the "roughest" part of Ireland, for whatever that's worth, but I don't think I heard of any crime the entire time I was there other than one or two instances of theft.

It gets a bad rep, at least among the Irish, but I never had any problems.

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Nothing to do with safety. It is just very, very low on the list of places to go in Ireland.

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...very low on the list of places to go in Ireland.

Unless it's a roots (genealogy) trip.

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The reason kegonsalund is asking is Limerick safe to visit is because "in Ireland" it is nicked named "the stabbing city" because it has more stabbings then any other city in Ireland (I don't know if this is still the fact.). So it gets a very bad rap because of this.

To answer the question "yes" it's safe. I've roomed with 2 young ladies that have both done a year studying there and they said it was a wonderful city to visit and stay in. It's also my boyfriends favorite city to visit in Ireland (and he is Irish). I myself have only driven through Limerick to date, but this December I'm going to be staying there for 6 nights with my boyfriend.

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Limerick may be a depressing town - surprisingly gray in a country so green - but it's not particularly dangerous.

I wandered into an IRA bar back when they were a big topic. The place was packed (and smoky). Like anywhere else in Ireland, it's harder to avoid a conversation than engage in one. On my way out, the leather coated bouncers at the door asked if I had a nice time and hoped I'd come back again. If anything, they'll treat the two of you better than me.

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is Limerick safe? Yes.

it took over from Glasgow as Europe's murder capital but as a tourist you will not see this. As a Glaswegian I can say my view having visited Limerick was 'this is nice!'

Seriously Limerick is a city in the Republic of Ireland. A country where the police, an Garda Siochana, do not carry guns on a regular basis. As a tourist, and as a tourist of your respectable ages, Limerick is safe.

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Safe but ugly. And yet, for genealogy I can forgive you for visiting.
wayne iNWI