Late arrival in Dublin

Hi, Y'all,

Wish we'd found this site sooner, thanks, Rick Steves!

We are arriving at Dublin Airport at 11 PM, (lousy planning, but unavoidable), we plan to pick up a rental car the next morning.
We have reservations at Hilton Dublin Airport. We understand the rental offices are very near.
Any better recommendations for the first night?

Ron & Danna

Posted by Sean
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Ron & Danna,

Hope you're looking forward to the trip! The Dublin Airport Hilton is a few minutes from the airport, they will have shuttle buses to and from the airport though. There's not a lot to see and do close to the hotel.

Rental car offices are located in both Terminal 1 & 2 in Dublin Airport - so just get the hotel shuttle bus back to the airport if that is where you're picking up the car.

Hope that helps, and I hope you give yourself some time in Dublin! If so, I wouldn't bring the car into the city, the bus is much handier, and way less stressful!