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Kilmainham Gaol walk-up first thing in AM?

So, the Gaol is sold out for most of September. Wow.

Does anyone have experience with arriving right at the open to purchase walk-up tickets? What percentage to they reserve for walk-up, if any? Is it work the effort?

I looked a bit on the RS site and did not find any firm answers to the question.

Or, do independent tour operators purchase the tickets when the come up? I looked at a few of these sites and entered our dates, Sept 14,15, AM of 16, and nothing came up.


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According to the Kilmainham Gaol website, cancellation tickets are released online between 9-9:30 that morning. I don’t know of any group tours that have tickets. I do not believe that there are walk-up tickets.

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Double check their website. I just randomly checked September and did find open dates. We were able to walk up last year in the afternoon and got tickets but we were extremely lucky. Good luck. It is well worth it.

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I was in Ireland last month and four friends of mine went on a waiting list for the Gaol and got reservations for the next day. So it is possible so get your name on the waiting list.

Good luck and hope your get to tour the Gaol.

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Last Sept we went to Ireland. I followed Rick’s advice to try to buy tickets a “few weeks” in advance. All sold out for our dates. I was disappointed. I saw that there were a limited # of same day tickets. We got up really early the day we had allotted and made sure we were in line when they were open and took the first ticket time they had available.

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We had reservations, so I can't help with the alternatives. Just writing to note that it was a memorable stop during our time in Dublin and to urge you to explore all the helpful comments, above, to find a way to take the tour if at all possible. The suggestions for arriving early sound most promising. The ladies at the ticket counter/check-in could not have been more helpful and I expect will to whatever they can to assist you.

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Thanks for the reminder! We are going to be there the 2nd week of October and I forgot to book a time to visit. Did yesterday and there was only 2 time slots available!! Not sure how many people for each slot, but I can see that it is filling up fast for October for those interested in going.

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Well, this is on me, of course, but I saw in Rick's guidebook that it recommended "book online at least a few DAYS {not weeks} in advance" so I thought I'd be safe booking today for 2 weeks out. Nope!

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I was just in Dublin last week. I booked my tickets in late July and only had two time slot options for the three days we were going to be there. The times were not ideal for our schedule, but we made them work, and the KG was well worth it. My hunch is that private tours gobble up the time slots well in advance, but I have no way of confirming that.

I expected to see a long line when we got there about 11am, but there was no one in the "purchase tickets" line. I do not know if that's because they were turning people away, if there just wasn't a high demand, or if they had given all of that days away already.

I suggest going early your first day and see if you can get some for that day or for the remaining days of your stay. There is a line dedicated to purchasing tickets, so it seems as if they do sell walk up tickets.