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Itinerary Check for Mid-October


I got the following itinerary from my sister who spent a considerable amount of time in ireland and it appears to hit on most of the places I want to see along with knowing my sight seeing preferences well. I was wondering if it made sense these days as it has been over a decade since she was there. I am leaning 80% towards driving since I will be there Mid-October; so while trains and a bike may be more economical/less nerve wracking, it seems that this is probably the better way to go for my first go around. Additionally, if anyone has recommended driving routes/places to stay I am all ears. Thanks in advance!

  • 10/7 - 10/8: Land in Dublin @ 7am on 10/7
  • 10/9: Dublin -> Galway
  • 10/10: Galway / Connemara
  • 10/11: Galway / Connemara
  • 10/12: Galway -> Doolin (Cliffs of Moher)
  • 10/13: Doolin -> Killarney
  • 10/14: Killarney National Park
  • 10/15: Killarney -> Castletownbere (Beara Peninsula)
  • 10/16: Castletownbere -> Cork
  • 10/17: Cork
  • 10/18: Cork -> Waterford
  • 10/19: Waterford -> Dublin
  • 10/20: Fly out of Dublin @ 9am
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Looks good just a few suggestions. Spend 2 nights in Doolin - you will need and appreciate the extra time there. One night in Killarney is fine. Spend the 16/17 in the Kinsale area - easy access to Cork. The 18th in Waterdord & the 19th in Wicklow - near Powers Court area.

Good luck & have fun.

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Thanks clairegirl02; I will defo take those changes under advisement :)

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This looks pretty good. I personally would stay in Kinsale instead of Cork. I stayed in Cork the first time I visited southern Ireland and was underwhelmed. The next time I stayed in Kinsale and it had more to see, a cuter/smaller feel, and had better restaurants (the White House has amazing chowder). The only other potential changes would be to add Dingle but to do that you would need to cut something (I recommend cutting Waterford if you do add Dingle). You can watch Rick's episodes to get a visual for each area and maybe that can help you decide.

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Agree with Kevin, skip Waterford and add Kinsale, it is much more quaint. Doolin during the day with bus tours is packed and not worth it. Been there three times and each time it is more crowded.

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Excellent! Thanks for the feedback, my sister wasn't sure how much some of the more touristy places had changed over the last decade so it is good (or sad depending on perspective) to get feedback on some of the more touristy spots as I had a feeling from reading through the guide that Doolin was probably much more crowded these days. I will probably make those adjustments, as well as probably slip another day of dublin in there.

Thanks again for the help much appreciated!

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check thru websites or Ricks experience of Ireland in October is a few things are closed for the season and some go to shortened hours......because thankfully there will be less other tourists there. pack some things for windy damp fall days.