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Is Skibereen worth a visit on relatively short trip?

My daughter and I will be taking our first trip to Ireland this December, for two weeks. We fly into Cork City and had initially planned on several nights in Skibereen, followed by Doolin, Dublin and back to Cork City. We will be traveling by bus and train. In the interest in making the most of our trip, we were hoping for a little feedback: is Skibereen worth a several night stay? We have also heard great things about Dingle and are wondering if that would be a better option. Slightly concerned about accessibility (via public trans) of both towns.

Thoughts/opinions appreciated!

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Also: feedback on the local music scenes in December in the aforementioned places. We are eager to be in a town with a lively music scene!

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Why Skibbereen? It's pleasant, but there's not much happening there. Kinsale would be a much better choice on that stretch of coast. Dingle is wonderful and would certainly be a better option, but if you are limited to buses and trains you might stay in Killarney and take a day trip to Dingle. There is bus service to Dingle, however.