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Ireland & Spain

Looking for some packing advice, or maybe storage advice.
We are in Ireland in June and in southern Spain in July. Different climes, different clothes. But I travel with an under seat bag, max, and cannot schlep more around Ireland as it will be a mostly-walking trip. So, any packing ideas? Or do I pack two bags and store the "Spain" bag somewhere in Dublin for the second part of my trip? Or something else?

I know I need wet-weather gear for Ireland and that it will be very hot in Spain.


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You just need to be very disciplined about not bringing stuff you really don't need. What you will need are, as you said, good (waterproof) rain gear, waterproof footwear, and just enough warm stuff to stay warm (and no more) - for the north. And also light-weight things for the warmer days in Spain. Layers are the key to using the light stuff for Spain along with extra layers to make something warm enough for the cooler weather in Ireland. Basically, you need to have just enough to stay warm, and then subtract layers for the hot places. It just requires a little more planning, not extra clothes.

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Yes, thank you. I do not want to schlep the warm weather clothes around Ireland, then the wet-weather clothes around Spain. So, aside from packing very light (which I already do) any ideas about storing or shipping bags inexpensively? Or other? And, is there a very inexpensive rain jacket that holds up?

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Storing things (for pickup later) or shipping them home will not be cheap. Whether or not it's worth it to you is subjective.

If you have (or get) small, light-weight (but still effective) rain gear, and an extra (thin but warm) later or two, it won't add much weight or bulk. And you know, it does rain occasionally in hot places, so you might actually need that extra stuff, even in hot places.

I have made trips that combine very hot tropical places (South Pacific islands) with the mountains of Japan in February on the same trip (I spent a week scuba diving in Palau, then went skiing in Japan). It did making choosing and packing things a bit more complicated than usual, but it can be done (although I'm sure some people in Palau wondered why we had thick winter gloves, ski hats and thermal underwear with us when it was 90+ degrees outside). Admittedly, we did leave our scuba diving gear in Tokyo when we went skiing... The point is, you pick your clothes for the hot weather first (and be minimal and choosey). Then add just enough extra layers and specialty items (rain gear) for the northern segment. It can be done!