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Ireland's Entry Requirements

I received an Aer Lingus email today summarizing the latest ROI entry requirements for travelers from Canada and the US. According to Aer Lingus, "Starting November 29th, arrivals from red regions, including the United States and Canada, will not be expected to restrict movements following receipt of a negative/not-detected result from a Covid-19 PCR test taken a minimum of five days after arrival in Ireland." 14 days prior to arrival one must complete a passenger locator form. So assuming one receives a negative test result it appears one only needs to quarantine for 5 days upon arrival in Ireland. I don't know what happens if the test result is positive.

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I don't know what happens if the test result is positive.

You mean if you are not hospitalized?

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I think you are optimistic expecting to get the results of a PCR the same day. So it is quarantine 5 days minimum, schedule and take a PCR and then wait for the results. It could be a total of more than 5 days or so. That also assumes you cn get an appointment for exactly the day you want one.

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PCR test results in the U.K. take 48 hours - if you can get one. The pharmacist Boots will be offering them in the U.K., but none are available at present, as the labs are focusing on doing government tests. Then, only a few stores will be offering them - my nearest is almost an hour’s drive away. I can’t imagine that Ireland would be much different. There are many inconclusive tests, so you may need to rebook and wait another 48 hours. These tests aren’t cheap.

Sorry. There’s no way you are going to be walking round Ireland after only 5 days!

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Ah, didn’t consider the time lag between being tested and receiving results. I guess I fell for the Aer Lingus marketing materials.

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No, you didn't fall for the Aer Lingus marketing materials. You fell for the Covid Travel Police.

I left the board for awhile because the anti-travel group ganged up on me when I dared to actually print the truth. But I'm going to do it again.

According to one travel clinic in Dublin, they can get the result of a PCR test back to you in between 24 and 36 hours after testing. can book an appointment online to receive the test. This would cut the quarantine time to as little as six days. (I have nothing to do with this test center I just wanted to use it as an example of what you can find if you stick to facts and not opinions.)

I'm not saying it's a good time to go as cases of Coronavirus are rising and Ireland could establish more closures and lockdowns. Personally, I've canceled all my current travel plans through the rest of the year but you should feel free to make the decision of whether or not travel is right for you at this time.

Let the counter attacks begin. It's amazing how many here spew their beliefs even though they are not true. Where have I been hearing that lately?

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Welcome back Frank II - itr has been a while since I saw you post.

Which non-factual item are you complaining about? As far as both Jennifer and my post, as far as I know they are factual and not anti-travel, and all of us including you recognise an amount of time between taking a PCR and getting the results. We are just a bit closer at the moment.

Nothing in the OP is non-factual as far as I can see either.

Anyway - I missed you.