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Ireland/NI Border is open?

Looks like Ireland/NI border is still open to non-essential travel. Would I able to catch a flight from Belfast to the rest of the UK without being questioned about my quarantine status in the UK?

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If you fly into Southern Ireland, although there is no physical border, you can’t go to Northern Ireland as Americans can’t enter the U.K..

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Americans are not banned from entering the UK (can enter with a ten day quarantine), and from what I remember, there is not much of a border. You can hardly tell when you have crossed the border. Is there currently a passport check at the border?

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There are no controls at the border no one is standing there checking you this is because the UK and Ireland share a common travel area so there are no passport checks on the land border occasionally the Irish immigration service does spot checks on trains and buses coming from Northern Ireland this is more to do with illegal immigration and people Crossing the border who need visas to be in the Republic of Ireland than it is to do with random American tourists