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Ireland Map Recommendations

We'll be driving around Ireland in September, and while I'm used to using my phone for directions at home, I feel like I'd be asking for trouble not to have an actual map with us in Ireland. Does anyone have any recommendations for road maps they've used while driving in Ireland?

Thanks in advance!

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Before our first trip to Ireland several years ago, I did a Search on this Forum for the same question. I was about to buy the Ordnance map, but I saw a comment from another poster who recommended the AA Road Atlas of Ireland as being easier to read because of the colors used. I followed that advice and was pleased with it. We drove all around the island in 2 weeks and I was only "lost" once despite the many rural roads we were on. Or maybe not - the "lost" adventure was a very narrow farm road, but then so many of the roads there are just that. We did get to where we were going. It was the 5th Edition Atlas and claimed to be based on the Ordnance map. It contained a mileage chart, a map of Counties, small maps of some of the bigger cities, a "motorway" map ( like a US Interstate map that is compressed to show exits & interchanges between various points), an index of towns and villages, and even a guide to freshwater fishing. I think it was about $12-$13 at Amazon. We were happy with it. It's been back to Ireland twice more with no complaints. Have a grand trip, Ireland is splendid.

If you Search on this topic you will find the recommendations of other posters.

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I second the recommendation for the AA Road Atlas. We used it a couple of months ago and it worked well. My only complaint is it doesn’t show all the places of interest along the way.

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I’ve been driving in Ireland for 10 days now and have both maps and my phone. By far, my iPhone is the best because it will route me around traffic delays and give me short cuts. Caution...Google Maps in Ireland are not good (we got royally lost in Cork today). Apple maps far better (and once we switched to Apple Maps, we got unlost in Cork). I do use maps for generally placing myself but otherwise don’t use them.

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My husband and I have driven around Ireland on 3 different trips. We used Frommer's Road Atlas. We liked it because it is spiral bound and like a magazine. Different areas are on different pages. There are 10 detailed city maps, as well as tourist sites. We are quite adventurous and liked finding little roads to investigate. The little roads/off the beaten paths led us to some magnificent places that are not in tourist guides. Getting lost can be fun.

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Not only is the AA Atlas easier to read thanks to the color scheme, but it's also one of the most detailed thanks to the scale they use - 3 miles to the inch.