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Ireland In Sept for 7-10 days

Hi folks, planning on 7-10 days in Ireland from around Sept 10th. 2019 commencing in Dublin ex Scotland.

We will be hiring a car for the whole period.

Our interests are more just pottering around looking at the out of the way but interesting sights, villages etc, not all that mad about the big cities though if something is worth seeing we would be in it!

We are both old codgers so forget the climbing, and trekking bits, please!

We are more than happy just driving about the coast or countryside, stickybeaking at local "stuff" and the scenery - easily pleased. Prefer B & B's along the way.

But from there, we're pretty well lost just where to start from, which way to go and how much time to devote to satisfying our interests!

Any suggestions for the above would be much appreciated! Also, if possible, what we could expect to pay for a medium, not small, rental car and the B & B cost maybe?

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For b&b’s about 160 euros per night.
Our rental car was $600 for a week, diesel which I loved and had gps.
*edited to add we got the full insurance with the rental car.

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Hi, idf,
We are in week 3 of a 4 week trip to Ireland, mostly staying in self catering places, but the two B&B's we stayed in (Kilkenney and Lahinch) were 80 euro per night. The rates may be lower because it's May.
As for pottering around (which we've done a lot), Dingle peninsula is great as is the Connemara region west of Galway. We based in Killorglin for a week to see Dingle, Kerry area and Killarney. We based in Clifden for 4 days to explore Connemara. Both were excellent choices.

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Many thanks for the replies folks!

That has given us at least a starting point so off to see our Travel Agent tomorrow.


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OK folks, we have slowly gone firm on some of our travel arrangements but would appreciate some advice on where to go once we hit Dublin ex Canada.

We have around 10 +/- days to travel by hire car in a kind of clockwise direction from Dublin to Belfast before jumping the ferry across the Ditch to Scotland.

We've got the main skeleton of our trip fleshed out but just have to fill in the bits in between. Distances don't worry us much as down here in Oz, it's pretty common to travel 600 k's without seeing a thing ....

It's going to be a bit rushed but more than happy to do some serious driving to see as much as possible!

Also unsure whether to spend more time in South or North Ireland as most of the great scenery seems in the South and South West?

Wondering how we would go just dropping into some village, small town, district etc and getting a B & B without booking ahead as that kind of inhibits our wandering type travel somewhat!

We don't need to spend a lot of time in the two big cities unless they are really worthwhile.

Thanks again for your help and advices.

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No disrespect to NI but spend more time in the Republic of Ireland.

Dublin Sally Gap to Glendalough.
Glendalough to Rock Of Cashel
Cashel to Kinsale spend the night.
Kinsale to Portmagee by way of Bantry stay 2 nights in Portmagee: See the Cliffs Of Kerry, some of the Ring Of Kerry, Killarney National Park, Gap Of Dunloe and Dingle.
From Portmagee drive to Doolin. 2 nights there. Visit The Burren, and Galway
Then from Doolin to Donegal stopping along the way.
Overnight Donegal and then into NI.

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Countryside is beautiful in S Ireland and villages around Dingle peninsula a delight. Pubs (most serve food) and their entertainment espec in villages is to be remembered.
Scotland is terrific and quite varied. If u are leaving from Edinburgh, see the city and its highlights form sure. 10 days is not a lot for 2 countries. I suggest u choose one and save on travel time.

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Hi again folks, and my apologies for seemingly forever changing my mind on where, what and how we will be doing our 8 days in Ireland.

We're still struggling with the car rental bit and trying to avoid - unsuccessfully - the huge credit block amounts of up to AUD4,000 - but will solve that somehow........We've tried Alamo & Enterprise but can't seem to find a firm without huge credit card block, we know we have to pay that but trying to get the best deal consistent with a decent and reliable company seems a bit difficult. Any suggestions much appreciated!

Our trip is clockwise around the country being Dublin - Bard (Overnight ex arrival at Dublin) - Waterford - Cork - Dingle - Westport - Bunberg - Londonderry - Belfast - Dublin. Each of these towns (except Waterford) is a planned(?) overnight but subject to change as we haven't really worked out where to stay, all that being subject to what we see on the day and we aren't bound by a strict timetable anyway!

We're just a bit confused if we should spend that much time up in the northern part of the country e.g. Londonderry etc. or spend our limited time further south? Seems to us there is much more to do and see in the south than up along the west coast, then the north and back down the east to Belfast.

A big ask I know, but could any of you knowledgeable folks help out here thanks?