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Ireland in November?

We are looking at an end of October through early November itinerary that could include Belfast, Dublin and points on the west coast including Galway, Dingle and the Aran Islands. Has anyone traveled in November and if so how was that? I’m reading that B&Bs might be closed for the season and the weather is particularly wet and dreary (and of course days are shorter). Hoping to do a lot of outdoor walks and hikes and photography, in addition to in-town exploring. Chilly, wet weather is totally fine… to an extent! Any insights are appreciated. I’ve never been to Ireland so it’s an important trip and hoping to enjoy the quiet off-season… if the trade off isn’t missing out on too much.

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Spent two November weeks in N Ireland and Eire.

No huge rain storms. Morning drizzle on occasion.

Stunning Fall colors along the Gap of Dunloe. As I hiked a few miles of it took a photo of blue skies, glimmering golds and reds of the foliage and huge dark rain clouds in the distance. One of my favorite travel visions. Pic won a few photo contests.

You will find some places closed but nothing from stopping you from enjoying yourselves. I stayed in Belfast with friends and in Dingle solo at Cill Bhreac House BnB.

Place has had a huge makeover since I stayed there.

EDIT: Rain is a reason why its called the Emerald Isle.

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I went in mid-summer, and we had mostly nice weather but a few days with some rain, too, late October and early November I would expect at least some modest rain, or maybe a lot, depending on your luck. I live in a place that has similar weather patterns to Ireland's west coast, and November can be quite dreary. You can check historical weather data, but you can only guess about what it'll be like when you're there and how lucky you will be.

If you do go then, you would be well advised to have very good rain gear and footware.

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Thank you for the feedback. Super helpful. Claudia, I appreciate your mentioning fall colors… hadn’t thought of that. That’s a definite plus. And David, good rain gear for sure! Thanks again!

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Our family of four (including kids age 6&8) went this past November, the week before THanksgivings. As long as you bring some layers it is lovely. Not too many tourists, but enough to still have things open/available. The weather wasn't off-putting. We wore sweaters under our lined rain coats, hiking boots and brought mittens/hats but didn't often wear them. Really, it was the perfect time to travel there. I wouldn't hesitate to book again at that same time frame.