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Ireland in early-mid October


My friend and I are getting ready to fly to Ireland next week for our big adventure.
We are looking over all kinds of materials and info regarding packing. We are wondering-
about the weather in early-mid October (Oct. 8-18th). Should we take winter coats? Or bring fleece tops and jackets and layer underneath?

I've checked weather sites and I see that Dublin will be in the mid-high 50s during the day and
in the low 40s at night. That tells me to bring the fleece jackets (which are considerably lighter) with us. We can layer underneath if we need to.

Thanks in advance for the advice!

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Layers, always. Make sure you also have a waterproof jacket with a hood.

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We spent the month of October in Ireland 2 years ago. The weather was great, almost no rain and lots of sun. Sweaters, fleece and hoodies were great. We had raincoats too that were suitable for layering and wore them often. Great adventure. Our vacation was extended due to Hurricane Sandy shutting down Boston and New York travel. Hurray for us, 3 extra days in Ennis.

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Jackets, layers, raincoats, good boots, warm socks, toboggan, gloves and umbrella. You can buy the umbrella in Ireland. Wear coat and layers on plane to save luggage space. Some days you will have warm weather then it will start raining and get cold in 10 minutes. If you need to buy extra clothing, Penny's (not our JC Penny's) is a good place to buy clothing at a good price.

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and wind. I was in Ireland a couple of years ago in October and kept trying to keep a fleece scarf tied around my head......