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Ireland for 7 Nights

I'm sorry to kick this off without much info, but I am in the very beginnings of travel planning. I will be traveling to Ireland, flying into Dublin, for a 7 night trip at the end of April or early May. I will be traveling with my parents - a father who has had both knees replaced so walking for long stretches is something I'd like to avoid - and a mother who is already scared to death of the thought of anyone driving on the opposite side of the road - as well as my husband, and possibly my brother and his girlfriend. So at least 4 of us, but possibly 6. I was thinking maybe a few nights in Dublin and then seeing if there is a train out to Galway where we could then take a day trip or two to the surrounding areas (either quick rental or a tour operator). Does this base plan sound realistic? I'd love opinions from those who are more familiar with the country as I've never been outside of the Dublin airport. I think we're looking for a mix of a little bit of city, good food, good music, and beautiful scenery out in the country side. Thank you so much and happy holidays!!

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Yes, I think that sounds like a good basic plan. There are trains and buses from Dublin to Galway and day tours from each city to various other attractions.

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The RS guide to Ireland will get you started with a comprehensive list of things to see and do in Dublin, ranked by priority. Naturally you'll want to adjust according to personal interests, leaving time for a trip to Galway with an overnight stay there. SInce you're also interested in the countryside, you may want to take a one-day bus tour to someplace outside of Dublin like Glendalough or the Boyne Valley.

BUT it sounds like you are the one making the plans for everyone. Are you clear on why the others want to visit Ireland, and what they particularly want to see and do there? I can imagine family conflicts arising if much of this isn't talked out ahead of time. (Finances too.) With only 7 days you will just scratch the surface, so everyone in your party needs to realize you are not going to see all there is to see.