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International Driving Permit in Ireland

Ok, I couldn't find this in the forum so I will ask... Always with driving in Europe they recommend getting an International Drivers Permit. I never did for many trips and never was asked. Last year, I caved because the rental car company we booked in Italy insisted in bold font in multiple places they would not give me the car without it since Italy is strict. Of course, no one ever asked or looked. So I wasn't planning to get one for our upcoming trip to Ireland this summer. But thought it might be worth asking the collective in case there is something I am not aware of. Thanks in advance.

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I researched before we rented in Scotland last summer. All the IDP is is an official translation of your license. So if you are renting in a country that already speaks English, it's pretty pointless. It was specifically not required in Scotland.

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Have driven in Eire and N Ireland. Showed my California Drivers License. Nothing else asked for.