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My family and I are taking a tour to Cliffs of Moher which will include a stop over at Inisheer. I read that bikes can be rented there to explore the island as well as pony and traps. How much should the pony ride cost per person? Is the island walkable?
Thanks in advance for any help.

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We had a 1-hour stopover on the ferry from Inishmore to the mainland. I already had my rented bike with me, and took off for the famous rusting shipwreck some distance from the dock. There was a flat road, and it didn’t involve any big hills, so I’d say it’s totally walkable - as far as difficulty. But even though it’s the smallest of the Aran islands, it takes longer to get somewhere then you might expect. I didn’t make it to the shipwreck on the shore before I had to turn back to catch the ferry for the onward journey. Unless you’ve got 2 or 3 hours for exploring the island, walking probably won’t get you far.

Can your tour company give you details about pony ride prices? Frankly, I didn’t see that as being an option the time we were there. And suggestions for ways to spend your time on Inisheer?

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We were on Inisheer in 1997, and I don't remember there being bikes back then, so we walked for about three hours then had a beer near the ferry while we waited for the return boat. Didn't even know the shipwreck was there, as travel planning was reading the Rough Guide. I have very fond memories of see a sheepdog sleeping on top of the rock wall in front of every home.