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I leave in 4 days - passport Panic! Help!

I'm in a panic state right now! I like to think I am a seasoned traveler, however, looks like I'm not. This morning in preparing for my trip to Ireland I was Re-reading Rick Steve's Ireland 2014 - he states that a country "may not" let someone into a country if your passport expires within 3-6 mths. Mine expires on or about October 14! My trip to Ireland for a family reunion - I arrive on July 31st & fly home August 16. A few mths ago I went to renew my passport at the local Post Office - the postal worker said it didn't need to be renewed until after I return. Now I'm completely upset that there is a chance I may not be allowed into Ireland. Help!!! Should I call the Irish embassy in DC???

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A big thank you to all who responded yesterday on this and my other post of the same issue. Almost finished with my packing...