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I have 3 days in Ireland

I have three days with a car in Ireland and want to maximize my travel experience. I really want to visit the Cliffs of Moher and the Dingle Peninsula. I arrive in Dublin and will immediately drive West or SouthWest. I'm very interested in visiting a few castles, enjoying the lush countryside and spending the night in fun towns. Any suggestions on best things to see and which direction to start my trip?

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Is your arrival in Dublin already booked? If not, and if you’d be coming by plane (or if it’s possible to change your flight), consider flying in and out of Shannon Airport instead. If your priorities are on the western side of Ireland - and if having time in Dublin is not mandatory, Shannon is located between the Cliffs of Moher and the Dingle Peninsula. You could arrive at Shannon, head north to the Cliffs or southwest to Dingle, then circle to the other destination, before returning to Shannon.

A roundtrip to/from Dublin will involve extra driving. And will you be driving on your own, without a passenger navigator, or a second driver to give you a break? And will you be jetlagged when you first arrive, making a sudden 3+ hour drive, on the left side of the road more of a challenge?

Towns between the Cliffs and Dingle, up and down the western coast area, offer great views, excellent food, and lively pubs with great live Irish music. Depending on all your preferred sights and activities, spending lots of extra time in the car might not make the most of your 3 days. Last year, we had 3 weeks, and only got to some of Ireland.

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Hello from Wisconsin,
I agree, if you can get your tickets in and out of Shannon, more power to you. Other wise you are planning a lot of driving and not a lot of touring.

I might suggest staying in or around Dublin and driving south to the Wiclow Mountains and Gendalough one day, and then heading north of Dublin to the Boyne River Valley and the Megalithic tombs.

The Dingle Pennisula is really something and should be savored. The Cliffs of Moher? I don't get the attraction of so many people. How many people go back to them once they have experienced the wind and rain?

wayne iNWI