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Hurling anyone?

We will be in Dublin June 29 which is a Saturday. I understand that is when there are hurling matches/games. I have absolutely no knowledge of the sport. Where can I find out if anyone is playing that day, when and where and ticket info. Thought it would be fun to watch something inherent to the Irish culture.

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This site is the official Gaelic Sports website for Ireland and this page is on hurling ( I checked the site and couldn't find specifics games scheduled for June yet but there should be games during that time period. I recommend keeping your eye on that site and also check with your hotel in case they have better local information.

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Don't know whether it will help but we have used the Irish tourist board or bureau, can't remember but look at their website, they have a toll free number in US and they may be able to help. Worth a try.

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I don't follow all the different leagues for Hurling, but I know the "big" semi final is Sunday, April 20th in Limerick (Kilkenny vs. Galway is at 2pm, always a good match to watch) and the final is on Sunday, May 4th (don't know the location). But Ireland has different leagues when it comes to their Hurling and Football (Gaelic Football).
These 2 websites are really good for knowing when the matches are.

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I attended the hurling semi-finals in Croke Park in August 2011. Wonderful day watching a sport of which my knowledge is limited to watching a few matches 30 years ago on Wide World of Sports. I highly encourage you to attend a match in Croke Park. I would get the package that includes a game ticket as well as a tour of GAA Museum located in the stadium. Very, very worthwhile.

I stayed near Christchurch and took a cab to/from Croke Park. Not very expensive. You can get there by public transportation but my time was fairly tight. Have a great time in Dublin.