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How to split 7 nights between Kilkenny and Cork

We are doing a 2 week trip in Ireland by train/bus and will be training from Dublin to Galway, then the 5 hour train/bus trip to Kilkenny then on to Cork and back to Dublin. Given that we want to spend one day each on the Ring of Kerry and Dingle Peninsula, then do day several trips from Cork, how many nights should we stay in each town? 3 nights in Kilkenny/4 nights in Cork or 4 nights in Kilkenny/3 nights in Cork.

Thank you so much for any tips or recommendations,

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I'm a bit confused by your itinerary. Why did you decide to do Galway, Kilkenny, Cork and then Dublin. Logically it would make sense to do Cork immediately after Galway and then Kilkenny on the way to Dublin.

Where are you planning to do Ring of Kerry and Dingle from? Are you doing these from a separate base (eg Killarney) or from Cork? If Cork (which makes sense based on the three bases you have chosen) then you need to add at least an extra two nights in Cork to cover these days.

It is very difficult to give an estimate of how long you need for both Cork and Kilkenny unless we know what you are planning to do and see in both places. Sort out a list of your priorities and estiamte how long you will need to to achieve them. This should answer your question (and will be a much better estimate than an unknown person like myself pulling a number out of the air!)

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Thanks for your post Kerry. I'm also planning a fall trip to Ireland using bus/train/tour excursion transportation. We also plan to get to Galway and Cork/Kinsale. Your post got me thinking about route options. I'm curious if you considered Galway to Killarney to Cork to Kilkenny (and I presume back to Dublin) for your route. I'm seeing that there are many southwest Ireland excursion options out of Killarney.