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How to get from the ferry landing in Dublin, Ireland to Kilmainham Gaol, Old Jameson Distillery

We will be taking the ferry from Holyhead, Wales to Dublin, Ireland. Once we land, how do we get to one of the above sights. We are just going for an overnight trip so time is super limited. Also, I'm the one in charge of planning and want to look like I know what I'm doing. Would a bus be quick and easy or should we take a taxi. There will be four adults and we will probably have two overnight bags with us.

Also, any additional suggestions for places to stay close to these sights and other options for eating. Nothing fancy.


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Kilmainham Gaol is located close to the Irish museum of modern art and just north of the "Suir Road" Tram stop. From the ferry terminal there will be buses, taxis, and most likely a tram too. From the ferry terminal it should take no more than 20 minutes travel time to get to the Jail.

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We (my boyfriend and I) found the bus very hard to work with from the ferry terminal. It's also not the best walk into town from the ferry terminal. The ferry terminal if I remember correctly is one of the last docks in the pier area of the northern water front and the remaining docks from there leading back into the city are all gated. It's a very narrow and long road that takes you out there.

I would take a taxi.

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Thanks for sharing your real life experience, I think the taxi is the way to go. Did you take a taxi while you were there? How do you if they are being honest about the price? And is it a base price and then so much more per person?

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I answered your taxi question on your other post/question on taxis.
But here is my answer. :-)

The golden rule on taxis is make sure the machine is on and read the guide lines for the rates (in the evenings the rates really go up) you can usually find these somewhere in the back. Lastly make sure the taxi driver has a taxi drivers licenses (I forget the legal wording) you want to make sure they are legally working for a taxi company (some of the taxis in Dublin don't have this). Mostly though the taxi drivers are honest when it comes to Ireland, I will say that the only flat rates that I saw came from getting a taxi through a Hotel, going out to the Airport.

Oh, lastly since Ireland had to open its job market to Poland and other Eastern European countries, you are now finding more and more Non-Irish taxi drivers. In some of the taxi lines you will see some Irish pass up taxis because of this, it doesn't mean the driver isn't good. I've taken Polish Taxi Drivers, the only thing is you may have to hand them the address for the place over just saying the name of the place.