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How safe is Ireland for luggage left in a car at attractions ?

Hello. Most of the time we get to our accommodations before we sightsee but there are 3 times on our planned Ireland trip that we would have our luggage with us when we stop to see something. If it’s covered in the back of the people mover, I am wondering if I’m being crazy.

In the UK we actually saw a car with its window broken at a castle parking lot in Scotland. It’s probably not a chance we should take I suppose.

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There are no absolutes. You can minimize having the vehicle broken into by leaving nothing in sight; no maps, coins, store bags, charging cables, Garmins, etc. As already mentioned, if you can back in against a wall, that will help too. Don’t park in remote locations if possible. If people are frequently walking by, there’s less chance for a break in. Finally, never open the trunk/boot or hatchback after parking. Doing so allows prying eyes to see there are things in there.

Having travelled internationally since 1977, I have never had a vehicle broken into.