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Housing for 6 - 8 weeks

I have been looking for ways to limit the need for a car rental. We understand how limited we are with public transportation, but my husband will be 74 and driving is more difficult. We hope to rent a car for a month, and then use public transportation the rest of the time. I'm struggling to find websites with holiday homes. I've search airBandB, VRBO, Hogan's Cottages, and Trident holiday houses. Many search engines do not allow you to search for homes near railroads. It is hard to judge each rental place due to many variations - including internet, laundry, if heat is included, kitchen facilities, and in some cases you will not get the exact location of the rental until the home is booked. I'm looking for sites others have used to find self catering houses - not hotels. We have friends who hope to come visit us in Ireland. That makes an added challenge of finding rentals that will allow someone not listed on the rental agreement to visit. Thanks for any additional recommendations you may share.

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I had two very nice cottage rental through Sykes Cottages one in Killorglin on the Ring of Kerry and another in County Donegal. However, given the parameters you are using for your search, I don't know if their site will be any better than the ones you've already explored. Have you tried They also have cottage listings.

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I’ve used for apartments. In the filter, you can select Apartments or Vacation Homes. You will see the exact location using this site.

Are you planning to stay in one location the entire time? Or are you looking for several places?

If you have not rented apartments/houses in Europe before, you need to look very closely at pictures and ask lots of questions. For example “laundry” could mean just a washing machine, no dryer. A “dryer” could mean a metal rack that you hang your clothes on to dry. If you want a “dryer” like in the US, you need to ask if there is a “drying machine”. Just know that this could be one machine that both washes and dries your clothes. It can take up to 4 hours for a “load” of maybe two pairs of pants, two shirts and some undies and socks. So one day’s outfit for two people equals a laundry load, if you are lucky.

Same with “bathroom”. A bathroom could mean a room with a shower or bathtub, but not necessarily a toilet or sink. You may find something advertised as a “two bath” house that actually consists of one room that includes a shower, toilet and sink, and a second room that is only a shower. So if you really want two toilets, make sure you see two different toilets in the pictures.

Be careful when looking at pictures. Often they show the same room from different perspectives or with different bedding. A “bedroom” is often any room with a bed, including a sofa bed. So a “two bedroom” could be one room with a double bed (full size bed, king size bed, or two twins pushed together), and the second bedroom is actually the living room where the sofa bed is. If you really want two actual bedrooms, make sure you see two different rooms with real beds.

You’ve already discovered that some places charge separately for heat. Some also charge for linens. I think this is more common in France. But something to be aware of.

Basically, confirm in writing if you have specific expectations. If you need a dishwasher, ask specifically if it is included. Don’t assume that every kitchen includes one. If AC is a must, confirm that there is AC in each room vs a window unit in only one room.

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My wife and I went to Ireland, and we drove about 200 mi. SW of Dublin outside of Waterville. We stayed with a family in a 5 star B&B and did day trips by car.

We have traveled Europe extensively, and Ireland is beautiful. The people are also great. But it's probably one of the most boring places we've ever been to.

The roads are also some of the more demanding to drive in--with deep ditches and hedges on the edge of the road out in the countryside. Public transport is not good out there either.
There are many other places we'd prefer to stay in. Agritruisimo in Italy? Budapest? Dresden?

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I suppose it all depends on what you want David. You forgot to mention the stone walls and suicidal sheep! I wouldn't describe Ireland as boring - it has a wide range of sceney as well asa long history from the Stone Age (Newgrange and the ring forts on the Ring of Kerry) to the early Christian settlements of Glendalough and Clonmacnoise. Then add in ruined castles (Rock of Cashel and many more), the C19th potato famine to the C20th Troubles. I think you need to come back and try and see a bit more Ireland!

It is a place to slow down and relax in.

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We are planning our 3rd trip (each one a month long) to Ireland for next September using self catering cottages exclusively. It's been a challenge at times since we need a ground floor due to mobility issues but, with a lot of searching, we've found some great places. I have also used Tripadvisor as well as Airbnb, VRBO,, Sykes Cottages. I also check out as many tour book recommendations to get ideas. Most places have needed the use of a car but not always. We try to decide the area we want to visit and then begin the search. This year, we want to visit County Cork and Kinsale. We have found a house in Kinsale (thru Airbnb) that is a short walk into the town center with bus transportation close. We will have a car but plan to rent electric bikes to explore. When something looks interesting, I make sure to message the owner with our needs. One place we had reserved in Co. Donegal had to be cancelled because I read in the reviews that their wifi was spotty. Having one of our members with a heart condition, we don't want to be out in the middle of nowhere without help. Reading the reviews can be very helpful.