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Hotel for 1st Night in Dublin and Travel to Ennis

We are flying into Dublin on Oct 10, and traveling to Ennis the next morning for the beginning of our tour. Does anybody have suggestions for a neat Irish hotel for the 1st night? It needs to be easy to get to from the airport.

Also, we MUST be in the Ennis hotel by 1:00 PM on Oct 11. What is the best way for 4 people to travel to Ennis (to Old Ground Hotel)?
Thank you so much for any suggestions! We are so excited to be going to Ireland on this adventure!

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I'm assuming that you mean how best to get to Ennis via public transportation versus just renting a car, which would be the "easiest" way to go.
If that's the case then consider the train which will get you to Ennis with a stop in Limerick in about 3 hours. Looks like there are at least a couple of options for you the morning of the 11th.
That said, you might want to consider just taking the train the afternoon/evening of your arrival and thus remove the stress of traveling against a deadline on the morning of the 11th. You would then arrive in Ennis the night before, have a relaxing dinner and night in a local hotel, and be able to sleep in the next morning before joining your tour later that day. Just a thought.

Edited after seeing Carol's post to add: the airlink bus is indeed a cheap and efficient way to get to the train station, but with 4 of you with luggage a taxi might be just as cheap and would provide the convenience of door to door service.

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Both of these ideas are very helpful! Had not really thought about the stress of morning travel in an unfamiliar area. Thank you both for this information. I did not know a taxi would go that far. I will also check out options like that. After travelling for a long time on flights, we don't have to have the cheapest, just reasonable and reliable transportation, since we can split the cost. None of us want to drive because we will be tired and will have to think too hard driving on the opposite side of the road.

Does anybody have experience using a taxi, Uber or some other form of small vehicle transportation? The train would work, too, but it might be nice to go door-to-door on this first day of our adventure. Thank you!!

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I think there is a little confusion here.

No one suggested taking a taxi to Ennis from Dublin Airport, but your response sort of seems like that is how you read it.
Taxi suggestion was for the Dublin hotel you were talking about in your question.

Train is by far the best approach to get to Ennis from Dublin. You won't want a car since you are joining a tour.

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Right, the taxi suggestion was to get you to the train station in Dublin ... not all the way to Ennis.
If, as I assume, you'll be arriving in Dublin the morning of the 10th after a long overnight flight, you'll be faced with the prospect of finding something to do (and storing your luggage) for several hours before you can check into your accommodations. Rather than that, why not put those hours to good use by catching the train that afternoon and proceeding directly to Ennis?
Plus, the train journey would probably be a good opportunity for a cat nap once the adrenaline wears off.

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Are you on the Heart of Ireland tour starting Oct 13? Hubby and I will be on it too.

We will be flying into Shannon, so no help there...