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Hotel Amenities in Ireland

My girlfriend and I will be going Ireland in October and taking a tour. I've checked the hotels' websites on line for reviews and amenities. This may sound like a silly question, but I'll ask it anyway.... how do I tell if the hotels offer free access to computers to check e-mail,send photos, etc.? Or, do we bring our own tablets and send photos, etc. from iPhones? I can bring a tablet ... but don't own an iPhone.

I see that most if not all hotels have WiFi which would work with tablets and phones.

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I found that most do offer wifi in Ireland. If they do, you would think they would advertise that on their site; if it doesn't say so I'd send an email to confirm. You also may be able to locate businesses nearby your hotel that offer wifi-via Google maps for example. Any wifi capable device will do.

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My experience in Ireland (and England) is that many places have WiFi although that doesn't always mean it is in all rooms at all times. Sometimes you need to visit the lobby or a sitting area if your room is far from the central part of the hotel.

WiFi is also available in many places like coffee shops and restaurants but it isn't generally free like it is in the states and you'll need the password to login.

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"how do I tell if the hotels offer free access to computers to check e-mail,send photos, etc.?"

The only way to know, if it's not listed on the hotel's website, is to e-mail the hotel and ask. As you say, many hotels offer Wi-Fi these days, but, as correctly pointed out in the above posts, it isn't always in all rooms. I've only encountered some hotels that had a computer for guests' use. And these are likely to become rarer as so many more people travel with laptops, smartphones, and tablets that they can use with Wi-Fi.

If you don't bring a suitable Internet access device, others on the tour definitely will; if all you need is limited access, that may be sufficient. If you want to spend more time online (like uploading photos), bring your own device.

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Most hotels in Ireland I have found have Wifi, but it is often not free in most of them. I have to also agree that depending on what floor your staying on you may have to go down to the lobby in order to use the wifi. Some place have an hourly rate for wifi and others have on flat rate for 24hrs use. But do keep in mind that a lot of coffee shops and cafés have free wifi.