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Help with Ennis to Derry

Will be in Ireland with q n adult daughter the end of March. We will be in Ennis and would like to go to Derry for a few days before returning to Dublin and flying home. I am 75 so car renting is a real problem.

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The most efficient route time-wise is train from Ennis to Galway, then Expressway bus from Galway to Londonderry. Will take about 7 1/2 hours. If you go totally by train, you will have to go via Dublin which will take almost 12 hours. And several changes of trains.

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There really isn’t an easy way to go via public transport. Traveling about Eire and NI is easier by car.

What do you wish to see and do in Derry?

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Could your daughter rent a car, rather than you? Sounds like that would make things much easier

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Are you saying you want to go to Derry to ride in a Black Cab?

Or do you mean take a Black Cab tour of Derry?

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Hi from Wisconsin,
I was going to say to head back to Dublin and then go to Derry, but mass transit is more than 4 hours one way. Often it is 5 hours. Do want to take an entire day's time to get there and back for two taxi rides?

Now maybe Derry has a special meaning for you. I am guessing but I get Belfast might have a similar tour situation. Belfast is 140 minutes to 180 minutes way. And, Dublin had their troubles too. Someone might be offering tours of 'there used to be a statue here, and a car dealership got blown up over here..."

Hope you have a good trip.

wayne iNWI