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Help with 9night itinerary

Thinking about my trip and after reading the new Rick Steve's travel book I'm thinking I'd like to see if there was a way to plan an itinerary for 9 nights/10 days. The plans are to fly into Dublin and out of Shannon. We will be there from Mar 11-19, and we're stuck deciding whether we want to spend St. Patrick's Day in Galway or Limerick. I really think the biggest thing I am struggling with is the fact that the husband would like to see the Antrim Coast because he's a big Game of throne fan. I just worry that what I have thoughts of seeing is too much for 9 nights. We have the Antrim Coast (Bushmills), Belfast, Downpatrick, Newgrange, Dublin, Kilkenny, and Limerick or Galway. This is so much for a self driving tour I just can't fig out how to condense it.

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IT is doable, one thing I learned about driving in Ireland is you cannot cover miles like in the US so you really have to plan on spending more time in the car than you would think.

My 2 cents, checkout the Cliffs of Moher, truly awesome sights!

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I agree with Cliff, Ireland is a lot of two lane smaller roads, and making time between small towns is not like driving in the states. Take a Black Taxi tour in Belfast. Hit the Cliffs if you are near them. Pay down the CDW on your car rental to zero deductible, that was the best $90 I spent when a driver sideswiped me and kept going-on a narrow road. Get a car with an automatic transmission, remember you'll be sitting on the right with plenty to keep track of without learning to shift and clutch on the left! Rent your car in Dublin when you are leaving Dublin, you don't want to drive there. Study the route beforehand to get you out of the city easiest.
Driving in Ireland, for me, was really okay-with the exception of Dublin-the roads are pretty well marked and in good condition, but you can't zip from place to place too quickly. Not a bad thing, you'll see and remember more.