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Heart of Ireland 2015

We are considering this trip for 2015. We have always wanted to visit Ireland, but didn't have the time for the 14 day tour.
Since this is a new Rick Steves tour for next year and there are no reviews posted, I was wondering if anyone that has done the 14 day trip can comment on this itinerary. Does it look like a good variety of places to visit? It seems a bit longer on the bus than we have experienced before (we did the Heart of Italy tour in 2013). Any advice would be appreciated!

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I recently did this trip in July. There were a few long bus days, but most good tours have a couple of these. I felt the pace was good and the sites visited were outstanding. Coastal Ireland is what draws people there and this tour just skirts the coasts. Many people on the tour also came early or stayed later to add extra stuff not covered by the tour. Out of all the tours I've been on (14 in all), this was one of my favorites. I hope this helps some.

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I haven't done the RS tour but have been to Ireland several times. This tour looks very well paced, and it includes some things that can be tough to do on your own if you don't have good timing. For example, in peak tourist season, Bru na Boinne can be "sold out" for the day if you don't get there early - because tours buy out the slots. The Book of Kells can likewise to tough to get in to unless you go early or wait in a long line. It does look like a nice variety of things to see and do, given the short time. But I have to say I'm a little shocked at the price for an 8-day trip. That's almost the same price we paid a few years ago for 13 days in China including airfare.

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Thank you for the information. We are still considering this tour along with the 7 day London tour. I'm sure either will be great!

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I am considering this 7 day trip as well. First time for us using a guided trip, but RS is recommended by a friend.

Can people who have done RS Ireland in the past give me some indication of quality of hotels (I don't need a Marriott, just a good bed), were they B&B, or at least a pub/shopping nearby within walking distance?

How much free time does one get on a typical RS tour?

Thank you.