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GPS or Wifi Hotspot device?

I am wondering if I would be better off renting a Wifi device to use with Google Maps on my phone or to rent a GPS to explore western Ireland by car. Has anyone tried the Wifi device with a Google maps in Ireland?

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Wifi GPS works well in an urban environment -walking around in a city. It's useless when driving in a car, you need satellite based GPS for that.

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Except for the major cities, so far WiFi penetration is poor in Ireland by EU standards - and even in the urban areas, WiFi is often 'pay only'. And once you get into the more remote areas, you will even find that obtaining a mobile phone signal (2G or 3G) is not always possible. So ignore WiFi!

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WiFi GPS for location data is good without having to login, but if you need to download maps, etc. on the fly, then you need an actual connection.

Just reserved a car at Dublin airport for my weeks stay in late sept, and they offered a wifi hotspot for an additional 35.00 for the week. I'd have to look into how much data it will allow, but might be easier than picking up a burner SIM card with data if I can share that with everyone in the party so they can do their own email checking, etc.


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