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Galway Bus Tours vs Lally Tours - which would you recommend?

We plan to stay in Galway several days and take day tours to Burren/Maher Cliffs and to Connemara. I see both good and bad reviews on TripAdvisor for both.
1. Bus quality: if we spend the whole day in it, comfortable seats and good air quality are important
2. Program: we prefer longer stops that allow us to be on our own rather than stopping for short times at more places

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I think the only people who could honestly answer your question would be those who have done both tours (which is to say, probably no one). I have seen lots of tour buses in Ireland, and they all seem to be of similar (nice) quality. The only way to know about the schedule is to contact the companies themselves and ask, but if they seem similar, I guess I would go with whichever is cheaper. Do check to see if admission prices are included for anywhere you are going, if any. And it might be easier to find information if you look under Cliffs of Moher, not Maher Cliffs.

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Since Rick's Ireland book recommends both companies as offering "standard tours," I'm sure that either will be fine, regardless of the opinions on TripAdvisor. Rick's (and Pat O'Connor's) actual first recommendation for the Burren side trip is the Burren Wild Tour (p. 292).

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Thanks, I checked Burren Wild Tour, but their tour appears to spend a lot of time on some farm, and I am not very interested in that - we have several within walking distance from home.