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We will be in Galway for 3 days next week. We rented a car. The weather looks to be 90% rain most of the time and windy with gusts.
We had hoped to go to cliffs of Moher, Aran islands and maybe school of falconry or Dingle.

Any suggestions if the weather is heavy rains and winds all day? It may be intermittent and we can still do everything but wouldn’t mind a backup plan.
Thank you

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I am looking at my weather app, and next week looks actually pretty good (I have 60%-70% chance of rain and Wednesday to be the only windy day). The temperature will be great though. It must be difficult for weather apps to keep up with the changing weather in areas where the weather changes so often in a day. I live in an area with scattered afternoon storms in the summer, and although the app states that, at times the storms miss my specific area completely and hit hard just 5-10 miles away. Two quotes come to mind: "Our weather likes to keep you guessing." and "There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing." With that said, you would most likely be able to keep your plans, but backup plans could be (most are still outdoor activities but without the edge of cliffs walking and driving): guided walk in the Burren, hiking Connemara National Park, Ashford Castle with falconry and Cong/Westport, or pub hopping all day with music. The Rick Steves Ireland guidebook has suggestions for activities to do in Galway, but it's not a lot.
Regardless of weather, Dingle would be too far a drive for a day trip.

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Weather prediction is difficult on a windward coast. Don't plan by it too much. Just be prepared to get wet!

I agree that Dingle is too far for a day trip. In addition to Connemara, there's Clifden Castle, Ross Errilly Friary, Kilbannon Church, Athenry Castle (and cute town). In Galway, consider a walking tour such as Brian's Horrible History Tour. For music, we like The Crane Bar the best, because it's not quite as crowded, although Tig Choili has an early session at 6:30. There are several other bars with afternoon music, so you have to walk with your ear's tuned or scour Facebook. We had luck at a couple of places along Henry St, Bierhaus and Carroll's.

If the weather is really terrible, it might make Cliffs of Moher more fun. The ridiculous bus traffic may subside and you'll remember the visit more vividly. We visited The Dark Hedges in a glorious thunderstorm and mood music was not required! It would be a shame to cancel the Aran Islands based on a weather forecast only to find out it was nice there - that's a quandary.

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Thank you all very much for your great suggestions. We leave tomorrow and are really looking forward to our trip!