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We arrive in Galway in the afternoon, stay for two nights and leave in the morning.
So we really have one afternoon and evening and all the next day.

What would you do, Explore Galway and enjoy the night life or go to the Aran Islands for the day?

Thank you

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That is almost impossible to answer. Assuming you have a car, my preference would be to spend the time exploring more of County Galway and Connemara, but I know others would say the Aran Islands...

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We love Galway and include it in every trip, but it's the music that we're attracted to. One idea might be to upon arrival, take an afternoon ferry from Rossaveal to Kilronan (Aran isles), spend the evening/morning and return to Galway on the afternoon ferry in time to see Galway City. There are horse drawn buggies, vans, and e-bike rentals to let you see the fort and the views on InishMor. On return, I'd suggest The Crane Bar for evening music, but depending on the day of the week, Tigh Coli might be less of a zoo than usual and they have earlier music. There are lots of other choices. You'll find plenty to walk around and see in Galway City even in the evening. We did a walking tour that you might be able to schedule for late afternoon - if was called Horrible History Tour with Brian (on Trip Advisor).

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You didn't say when you were going. The Galway International Arts Festival is going on July 17-30. If you are there then it might affect some of your plans.

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Aran Islands hands down. Galway is ok, but super touristy. Almost a caricature of what people think Ireland should be like where the Aran islands seem more real to me.