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Flights from Dublin to Pisa

Hi, has anyone flown Ryanair? is it reliable and a smart choice. I am going from Dublin, Ireland to Pisa, Italy next September and trying to get a direct flight is very hard. Aer Lingus has one at 6:40 AM and that would be hard where I am located in Ireland.
The only other airline so far is Ryanair? thoughts pls
thanks so much

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I would be wary of booking with Aer Lingus. I have always loved them in past, but I had a ticket for May for which I requested a voucher or refund at the beginning of lockdown. I have gotten nothing so far. Even the Better Business Bureau of NY was unsuccessful in getting a response. I have called and gotten escalation numbers, but never an update or a voucher or refund. I am so sad that I will never feel safe booking with them again. All I want is a timeline to receive a voucher or refund as of course I'm not going to Europe for the foreseeable future.

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I have compared the cost of the budget airlines with major airlines and by the time you figure in all the extra costs I find it has been more beneficial to just book with a major Airline. Have you considered flying into Florence then taking a train to Pisa?

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Ryanair can be an interesting experience.

I don't like living in interesting times.

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As mentioned, flying with Ryanair can be interesting. They are the cheapest of the low cost airlines and while they can sell tickets for €10 or so, there are extra fees for everything. Printing a boarding card costs €20 e.g.

I would gladly pay extra to fly Aer Lingus, even if that means spending the last night on Ireland at an airport hotel. A delayed repayment wouldn't stop me, that is a problem with all airlines at the moment and Ryanair is probably one of the worst.

Also, the schedule for September next year can probably change both once and twice before next summer.

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I usually use EasyJet within Europe wherever possible, but they have been a nightmare to deal with recently, with flights being cancelled, reinstated and cancelled again at short notice, albeit partly due to the U.K. government introducing a second lockdown. I am currently in the Canary Islands and should be departing today for London, but my EasyJet flight has been cancelled, so we are now flying back on Saturday. Friends have flown here on Ryanair and haven’t had any flight changes. Their flight back home on Saturday was punctual and they were pleased with the service. They would use them again. Just be aware of the baggage rules.

I haven’t been particularly thrilled with Aer Lingus the few times I’ve used them.

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Does when you arrive in Pisa have any impact? ( How late does your lodging stay open to do check in?)

As ugly as the 610 AM departure is, I would do that rather than arrive in Pisa at 930 PM and then have to find my way to my lodging.

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Ryanair is fine. So long as you're getting the flight at a budget price and accept it is a budget experience. They get you from A to B on time (usually), and for a short flight what else matters? What with one thing and another, however, it seems a little early to be sure what next September's schedules will turn out to be.

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My experience with Ryanair has also been fine. The number of delays have been no better or worse than any other airline. Just be aware of the check in requirements, that's what gets most people. Also be aware that the seats are about as uncomfortable as they get. I don't know how long it takes to fly from Dublin to Pisa but anything more than about 90 minutes from wheels up to wheels down is about all I can take.

I've also had no problem with Aer Lingus. When I have had to cancel a flight I received prompt credit to my Aer Lingus account for a future flight. The standard fees, of course, were charged.

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Ryan Air is fine as long as you know what you're getting into.
You indicate that you're not staying in Dublin the night before which would make an early flight difficult. An obvious option is to just relocate from wherever you'll be the last day to an airport hotel so as to be in place for the early morning Aer Lingus flight the next morning.