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Flight costs to Ireland

We are planning a trip to Ireland in late July with a stop on the way to London. The cheapest flights I’ve found so far are $1520 round trip (from Minneapolis). Is it worth waiting to book or is this as good as it’s gonna get for this summer?

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Depends on your dates (and other variables), of course, but...that's not terrible, I'm seeing some slightly less expensive options ($1200-$1400 range). If you have flexibility, try tweaking your dates a little (also be careful when comparing apples-to-apples, about what is and is not included in any fare). That said, for peak summer travel season, I would not expect prices to go down much if you wait a while. No way to know for sure.

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Sorry but no one knows the answer to your question.

Are you flying into Shannon? Dublin?

Is there the availability of a direct flight to London?
The onto Dublin?

fly from Minneapolis to NY and the flying to Ireland?

Might be cheaper that way because NY has direct flights to Dublin and Shannon.

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Your earlier, deleted, question asked about flight or ferry from London to Dublin after 2 days there.

There is a day time ferry with a direct rail connection at 9am from London (arriving Dublin at 5.30pm) in preference to the overnight ferry, or there should be flights for £50 or less from London to Dublin. Are you no longer looking at that option?

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To clarify, we are flying into London, then onto Dublin three days later, then flying home to Minneapolis. I’m using, and this is what I’m finding for anything not Sun Country (had a bad experience with that airline but that was many years ago).

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both google flights and momondo display the prices for flexible dates better than kayak (or they did the last time I tried). After understanding the flight choice, I try to book with the airline directly.

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My parents live in Minneapolis and we saw similar prices going to Scotland airports for late June. It was slightly cheaper (~1100 per ticket) to drive to ORD and take the direct Aer Lingus flights to Dublin, connecting to Scotland from there, but factoring in time and driving it made sense to book the flight that left directly from MSP.

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MSP is one of Delta's "fortress hubs", meaning the vast majority of international service, even with connections, from there is on Delta (or partner carriers). With that, they control the pricing and keep it high. Airports in markets with competition are usually much cheaper.