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flight cancelled to shannon, now flying into Dublin, any suggestions

Our plan was to fly into Shannon, drive to Doolin for a night and part of the next day, drive to Dingle for 2 nights, Cork for 2 nights and back to Shannon to catch our flight to Edinburgh.

Now due the cancellation, our only choice was to fly into Dublin. We will do this one day earlier . Spend the night in Dublin, and then drive the next day to Doolin, then to Dingle etc.

I feel like we will be driving too much the first few days. We leave September 12, so I doubt if we can reverse this trip and get the accommodations we need.
Any other way or suggestions?
thank you very much!

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Yes, it does sound like a lot of driving. Depending on the time your flight arrives in Dublin, I wonder if it might be advantageous to take a bus or train to Galway for the first night and pick up your rental car there the next day. The upside is that you wouldn't be driving immediately after flying (jet lagged). I try to avoid any driving the day we land. The downside is that you would likely incur an additional charge for returning the car in Dublin.

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Thank you for your reply. We will spend the night in Dublin before driving.( we know how we feel that first day!) We need to return the car to Shannon as that is where we catch our plane to Scotland, so will already have that extra charge. This idea is something to consider! Thank you!

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I think your plan sounds fine. When you exit the car rental area you are on a major divided motorway and you will have time to get used driving on the "wrong" side. You don't mention what time you are arriving in Dublin or where you are staying in Dublin. In case you haven't thought of this, if you are staying in Dublin proper, don't rent the car and try to drive in the City Center. Wait until the next day to pick up the car. If you are staying in one of the nearby airport hotels, you can take a taxi or bus to the City Center if you want to see a little of Dublin. Another alternative is to rent the car upon arrival and stay at a nearby but scenic location.

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We were in Ireland last September, and flew into Dublin, but caught an immediate bus from the airport to Galway. We got a mini tour of downtown Dublin en route, then got a nice 2 1/2 hour nap on the bus, arriving well in time for dinner. We rented from Europcar, picking up the car the next day, and eventually turning it in Dublin. You could rent in Galway, unless you had plans to make stops on the way, and Doolin is just south of there, then turn it in at the Shannon airport.

If your arrival time in Dublin makes you determined to spend the first night there, fine, but if time allows, consider heading to Galway, by bus, for your first night.