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Ferry to Inishmor or Ferry to see the Cliffs of Moher out of Doolin

We are staying in Doolin and have one day to use to take a ferry either to Inishmor for the day or take the ferry to see the Cliffs of Moher. Everything that I have read said Inishmor is awesome but my friend said that the view of the Cliffs from a boat is priceless.

We are going in the later part of June. Do I need to make ferry reservations now or can I wait until I get there? Any suggestions on which Ferry to choose?

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We’ve stayed the night on Inishmore, both trips to Ireland. Maybe part of a day is better than none, but I’d hope you could go for at least 2 days and a night in the future. If you did take the ferry all the way to Inishmore, would it also stop on Inisheer for a quick visit … 2 islands in one (short) trip? Maybe that would be more reason to island hop, rather than do the Cliffs cruise.

I’d pick the Cliffs scenic ferry, though, if you’re not going to be staying the night on an Aran island.

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I don’t recommend a day trip to Inishmore. If I visited again, I would spend a night or two. This is a big island and to appreciate it you need to rent a bike and explore it.
I have not taken a boat to the Cliffs of Moher but if I visited the cliffs again I would only do so by boat.

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We’re also travelling in Ireland in June. We’re taking the 10:00 a.m. ferry from Doolin to Inis Mor; doing a 3.5-hour tour of the island with Aran Off-Road Experience, which sounds great; then catching the 4:00 p.m. ferry from Inis Mor back to Doolin, which includes cruising along the Cliffs of Moher, arriving Doolin around 5:30 - just in time for dinner and the music scene in town. Think it will be a great day!!
Check: doolin2aranferries combo trip. Aran Off-Road Experience is separate booking.

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I'd opt for a visit to Inishmore over viewing the Cliffs of Moher. Much more to see on the former, especially Dun Aengus. And given that it's just a day trip, I'd make reservations now so you won't get locked out. The two companies operating out of Doolin merged into one last summer: /

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Hi Cindy,
We were there in May of 2022, staying in Doolin and also having only one day. We opted to take the ferry to Inisheer. We had a lovely day, wonderful lunch, and a horse and buggy ride around the island. It is definitely not as big or has as much to do as Inishmore, but we were very happy. We had signed up to take the ferry back to Doolin via the Cliffs. It is only slightly more expensive than the regular round trip. Even though the seas were rough (and just this side of the ferry company canceling the trip), it was well worth the choppy ride to see the Cliffs from the water. There is a very nice recorded narrative of the history that is played in the boat. That being said, my companion spent the entire trip back from Inisheer in the "head" along with many other passengers due to the high waves. I was fine and was so glad that at least one of us got to experience seeing this beautiful land from the water. Please consider this, as it would give you both the island experience and the thrill of seeing the Cliffs of Moher from the water. I would definitely contact the ferry company ( soon, as they fill up quickly.