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Extended family trip suggestion.

I want to take my extended family on a trip to Ireland. There will be around 14 of us, and none of us have ever been to Ireland before. I’m thinking of a 5 to 7 day trip. Since there are 14 of us, I would prefer to stay at a central location (ideally renting a castle) and use that as a home base. I plan to hire a van and driver to take us everywhere. I don’t expect to see “everything” rather I want everyone to get a taste of Ireland.

My question is what area should be our home base (so I can look for a castle in the area), and then what “day trips” should we do? If a single location is not viable, I guess we could pick two base locations and switch mid week. However again, I’m looking for recommended base locations and day trips.

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Hey Rob,

I sent you a private message with an ideal area for you and the family to be based in Ireland as well as the attractions that are near there.