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Easy Tour Ireland Car Rentals

Hi fellow travelers,

I stumbled across Easy Tour Ireland car rentals when perusing the Tripadvisor forums. Everyone (who reviewed it) seems to have had a decent experience. Unfortunately, it's only been a handful of reviews. I'm wondering if anyone on this board has had any experiences with the company, good or bad? I love that it includes ALL coverages, for a good price. It seems a little too good to be true, but then, there are real people out there reviewing it, so who knows?



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I have never heard of them, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. I would caution you, though, that you can't assume that the reviews that exist are from "real people". If it seems too good to be true, it often is.

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My wife and I used Easy Tour Ireland in September 2013. We had the car for ten days of our two week honeymoon trip. The easy tour site is simply a booking agent for Hertz. Once you go through the easy tour site it redirects you to Hertz and apples a discount code. You book directly with Hertz. We had no problems whatsoever and the final bill was exactly what we were quoted. I chose Easy tour because it was recommended by a coworker who had also used them last year. He told me that they had a mechanical issue after they were on the west coast (rented from DUB) and the car was replaced at their hotel within hours.
I found the rental to be problem free and about 40% cheaper than Dan Dooley ( the next cheapest) when you compare both with Super CDW ( included in the Easy tours rate).
I can assure you I am a real person and not an employee, but I definitely found it to be a good experience, and I plan to use them again when I return this year.

A piece of unsolicited advice: the rental car places will offer you a wifi hotspot for €12 a day or so. I was dumb enough to take it. Turns out I could have bought one with prepaid data from any Tesco for about half of what that cost. Live and learn!

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We used them for a trip to Ireland in August, 2013. We had a wonderful car-rental experience! It was just like he said. We paid the quoted price and no one "found" any damages. I would recommend them 100%. I think the price was a little higher than going directly with a rental company, but it was worth the peace of mind.
Janet ("real person")