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Dublin Trad Music with toddler

My wife and daughter and I will be traveling to Ireland this June and staying in Dublin for about 4 days. We'd really like to go to a pub and listen to some Trad Music, but our daughter will only be 22 months old. We know that it shouldn't be a problem to have her in the pub, we are just curious if anyone knows if there are certain pubs that have a more family atmosphere than others. And are there ones that would have music going earlier rather than later. Of course, her sleep schedule will be off, so that may not really matter. Suggestions?

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I can't speak to Dublin directly, but when I was in Ireland that was the thing I found so interesting about the pubs... everyone seemed welcome. Families, grandparents, teens, kids, etc. and of course tourists. I am sure the earlier you go the more family friendly, but if you don't get some specifics, just try out a few and see what happens, or ask at your hotel... every place we stayed the proprietor had a long-winded answer for all our problems:)) You will have a great trip.