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Dublin timing question

I'll be arriving in Dublin at 9:00am. Will I be able to comfortably get "processed" at the airport, grab a cab, and be ready to take a 11:25 train (Heuston station) to Galway? We will be 3 adults traveling. One other consideration - we are traveling the first day that Ireland is open to US tourists, so maybe the vaccine check might take awhile? The next train is at 1:30.

Thanks for any advice!

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Prior to any Covid-19 restrictions/applications, you could easily deboard your arrival flight, and breeze through DUB airport to forwarding bus, train connection. I believe 2:25 hours will still allow you this in addition to their vaccine check.
Knowing the next train to Galway after your preferred 11:25 train would be helpful to know just in case.

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You are doing this the hard way. Citylink has an Express bus from Dublin Airport to Galway, takes 3 hours, appears to run hourly daily. Will be less expensive, quicker, and avoid 2 changes--the bus into Dublin, and then transit to Heuston. I know you said a cab, but they can get caught in traffic, and are also costly. We were actually planning the reverse of this for one of our delayed trips, as would be flying out from Dublin and would stay near the airpot the day before.

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Oh my, I hadn't considered this, but I think you might be right. Are the busses comfortable? We will be coming off a loooong flight.

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In 2019, we took the bus directly at the Dublin airport, bound for Galway, although I think ours actually took a bit longer than 4 hours. It passed through downtown Diblinven route, so we got a mini-tour of Dublin on the way.

It was a double-decker, with a very clean but tiny on-board toilet. We got very comfortable seats at the front of the upper section, for a fantastic view. Actually so comfortable, we both fell asleep, and that nap helped us with jet lag, and we enjoyed the afternoon and a nice dinner in Galway, before turning in for the night with our bodies on “Irish time.”