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Dublin Pass, Yes?

Is the Dublin Pass worth the investment or not? Thanks.

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As with any pass, you have to do the math yourself. Add up the cost of the things you are definitely doing and possibly doing that would be covered by the pass, and compare that to the cost of the pass. That's the only way to know the answer for your situation.

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As Harold said, take a look at what you want to do and add the cost. For us, in Dublin it did not make sense but we have gotten them another cities before

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I bought the Dublin Pass last summer, but I knew exactly what I wanted to see, where the sights were located and how much time I wanted to spend at each location. It was absolutely worth the investment, but I had to power through the city for 3 days. If you are a slow traveller (for whatever reason), then you really just have to work it out beforehand if it is worth it for you and add it all up.