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Dublin Fish and Chips

Chippers. Where are the good ones?

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I have seen lots of kebab places in Dublin, but can't recall any fish and chips places. I'm sure there must be some, but it's not really an Irish dish.

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When we were in Dublin a couple years ago, there was a fish and chip shop across from Christ Church, in fact people were picnicking at yard at Christ Church eating those Fish and Chips.

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What would one say was typical fast food Irish style.. as say compared to fish and chips which is very English? I have no idea.. but we are flying Aer Lingus inter europeon and they offer a breakfast that composes of meat,, meat.. and meat.. ( sausages, strip bacon, back bacon, and TWO kinds of blood pudding).. and half a tomato and a piece of brown bread.They say its a "tyical Irish breakfast" but it has no eggs!

I know so very little about Ireland.. so any tidbits would be appreciated.. don't want to be totally ignorant ( I have just learned there is more to Ireland then pub and breweries tours and constant rain.. lol) ( kidding)..

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Leo Burdock's take away. Pat if you visit N. Ireland, in Belfast, Mourne's Seafood (next to Kelly's Cellar Pub) you will find the BEST Seafood Chowder. Their buckets of fresh mussels are fabulous as well. Lots of good eats in Eire. Easiest way to find out what's good is to check out food blogs.,,
Last November had a fantastic Italian dinner in Dublin.

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Claudia I LOVE mussels.. not sure if we will get up to Belfast though,, may have to go just for the mussels though. .lol

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Don't forget to check out local food websites and even American centric sites like have coverage for many large European cities including Dublin. No "user comment" sites are without bias but I've found Yelp helpful in several cities but especially in Edinburgh where the college area restaurants change constantly.

My $.02US,

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Fish and Chips to the Irish is like McDonnell for the Americans.
For Dublin,
Leo Burdock (depending on where you are in Dublin they deliver)
Beshoff's (it's better then Burdock, but doesn't have as many locations)
It your going do try the Hake (local fish) and Curry Chips with Cheese (it sounds so wrong but man is it good) also they have Garlic Chips and Cheese.
For Cork (best fish and chips)
The Fish Wife (these guys are so much fun, the deliver to bars)

Oh and on another note the Irish breakfast does have eggs (cold/bad eggs) the only thing good in a Irish breakfast is if you make it to Kenmare try their black pudding (award winning and delicious).