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Dublin-Ennis train - looking for comment from someone who has done that

Hi travelers, I know the Ennis-Dublin transportation topic comes up annually, and I've read the suggestions and timetable links, but I'd love to hear from someone who opted to take the train (we're going on Heart of Ireland in June, daughter would love a train ride) and if they were happy with that decision (or unhappy - in which case we might do the bus!).

Thank you!

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Not to/from Ennis, but I took the Irish Rail from Cork to Dublin. It was fine.

It's a train, like many in Europe. Not the fastest or fanciest, but modern, comfy, efficient. A perfectly fine way to get around, if there's a line that goes where you want to go. The Irish rail network is somewhat limited, compared to many countries in Europe (see route map here) but seemed adequate and useful to me. Biggest issue with it is that it doesn't go everywhere. If it goes where you want to, I'd use it happily.

What exactly are your concerns?

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David, thanks for your reply. I don't have any specific concerns, it's just that I haven't done it before and often Forum folks have good advice that can't be gleaned from guidebooks, etc :)

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Kristen - I’m just seeing this. A couple years ago we took the train from Galway to Dublin and it was nice and comfortable. I had (mistakenly) thought we could see some scenery along the way, but there were bushes/trees/buildings blocking the view. Other than that, I’d highly recommend it. Never having traveled by train before, I was impressed with the comfort and spaciousness of the rail car.