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Dublin airport to Jury's Inn

Because a few months ago I saw here a post saying there was an Airport Express stop right across from Jury's Inn, I booked there for May. Now it appears the express is not stopping at the Christ Church stop. Is this right? If so, is there a better way for me to get from airport to Jury's Inn. Non-refundable hotel booking, so I'm stuck.

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I looked at the website for the Airlink bus. It mentions that these stops are out of duty until April 4th. You are booked for May. Are you sure that this will be a problem for you at that time?

Even so, it lists two nearby temporary bus stops that will be used as alternatives while access to those sites is unavailable. I think you will do just fine. You need to be proactive with the bus driver about where you would like to be dropped off. They don't call out the stops.

If you find yourself still feeling particularly stressed by this situation, why not simply save up a bit more and treat yourself to a taxi?

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On the site, it says it stops at the O’Connell Bridge, which is about a 15 minute walk to your hotel - would that work for you? It might be feasible to get a cab, if not.

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I've stayed at that Jury's Inn and have taken the 747 service.

As stated previously, the full service is set to resume before you get to Dublin. But even if it didn't, the Essex Quay & Christ Church - Dubln Bus Stop 1443 alternate stop is only about a five minute walk to the hotel.

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Thank you, all. I wasn't able to find those alternative stops on a map, so I couldn't figure out how far they would be. You all are the best!