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Dublin Airport Logistics

We will fly from Stockholm to the Dublin Airport on Ryan Air and need to get to American Airlines for our flight back to the States.
Has anyone tried this. I expect to have to go through security again but wonder if this is complicated and wsnt to be prepared.
We will have 2 hours between flights.

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That is a very optimistic time window for a self transfer, especially one involving Ryanair. My suggestion is to rethink the plan.

According to the airport's website, self connecting passengers can not use the flight connections facilities. So that means you need to follow the arrivals signs, go through immigration, and then check in for your next flight and go through security and finally US customs and immigration.

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I agree with Badger.

2 hours would be a bare minimum time I’d plan flying from DUB to the US, and that would be in the case of getting off a bus or out of a taxi.

From another flight, on a separate ticket, from outside the UK/Irish zone… at least 4 hours would sound more reasonable.

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An additional component to the logistics for consideration is that you will also need to clear US immigration and US customs and agricultural controls at Dublin airport.

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Upon arrival in Dublin you will need to go through passport control. If you have checked bags (likely since you're on Ryan Air), you'll need to collect your bags. You'll then head to Aer Lingus to check back in. Go through Irish security then US TSA security then US immigration. For a flight to the US Aer Lingus recommends arriving at least 3 hours ahead of the flight's departure.

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Thankful for these replies. I cancelled the flight on Ryan and booked a flight on SAS arriving much earlier and that should allow 5 hours, enough time, to get through immigration and security for the US flight.

Cancelling the flight was a minor expense considering that we could have missed our US flight and been completely stressed.

We recently travelled to Paris and getting from the CDG train station with our luggage, the miles of walking to security, (going through security, showing our passports, having our bags opened and inspected, took a total of 30 minutes. We were literally on our plane in 45 minutes. We were not checking bags which helped, and they even let us carry a shopping bag with pastries onto the plane!

I think I had that experience in mind when I booked the short window of time in Dublin.

I am grateful to have avoided a bad experience especially when we have had nothing but great ones over the years. This forum is an amazing gift. Our first European trip with Rick Steves was a week in Rome. Ever since then we have loved every booking and every walking tour and suggestion.

Best to everyone.

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That's a much better option! 5 hours feels a lot safer than 2 hours. (And as a bonus you'll get a slightly nicer flight to Dublin.)