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Dublin Airport Arrival

Hi all!

I am flying into Dublin on 8/20 from the USA, and I was just wondering if anyone has a rough idea how long it will take to get out of the airport. I am arriving around 9am. Pre-Covid, seems like it could be as little as 30 minutes, but now with everything, I'm not sure how much time to figure. I won't be checking any luggage, just have a Rick Steves backpack as a carryon, so no worry about customs or baggage claim, just passport control.

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We were there in May 2018. As I recall it was efficient and we rented a car.

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Pre-covid, passport control at Dublin airport for non-EU passengers took between 20 and 75 minutes. It depended on how many flights arrived around the same time. The shortest was when our flight arrived and there was hardly any back up. The longest when we were third of 3 trans-Atlantic flights.

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No one knows.

All sorts of factors involved. Weather, how many other flights land at the same time, how passport control is staffed…

Do you have to be somewhere? Arranging a pick up time?

Lastly looking at the Dublin Airport website there’s airport road maintenance occurring through August.

Personally even traveling as light as you are I’d say mentally give yourself an hour and a half. Then if it’s shorter you’ll be smiling and feeling good.